Release: Updated Allergies/Meds Tab and External Dispenses

Created May 19, 2020 By MDScripts

Article Summary

Release: MDScripts has added support for recording external dispenses for patients and added additional functionality to Allergies/Medications area.

External Dispenses

Often it is important for providers to record medications that a patient is receiving from other pharmacies. Previously these could be recorded as "other" medications on the Allergies/Meds tab on the patient profile, but the information was limited to medication name and the date that the medication was last reported.

MDScripts has added the ability to record External Dispenses with complete dispense details to more accurately track a patient's medication history. External dispenses show on the Dispense tab so provider can see all medications that a patient is currently taking in one place.

Note: Sites that are Surescripts E-prescribing enabled were already able to pull in external dispense details via the medication history information available from Surescripts.

To Add an External Dispense

To manually add an external dispense, select Add External button on the Dispense tab:

On the Add External Dispense screen the user can enter the Pharmacy (if known), the Provider (if known) and the medication details including SIG, Qty, and Day Supply.

Once saved, the dispense will show on the Dispenses tab with the External icon next to the Pharmacy Name (if entered).

Expanded Allergies/Meds Tab

The Allergies/Meds tab has been enabled for all users so they can take advantage of the new features. Previously it was only enabled for sites that had the Drug Utilization Review (DUR) function set to Required or Optional. The new tab shows a complete Medication History including In-house Dispenses, External Dispenses, Prescriptions, and E-prescriptions. This gives the user a complete view of all medications that have been reported for the patient.

Allergies and other Medical Conditions can also be added from this tab and a DUR check can be run on the patient. Sites that do not have DUR function enabled can still manually run a DUR check from this tab, but they will not be prompted to run a DUR check during the dispense process.