Release: MDScripts Adds Pickup Function

Created May 11, 2020 By MDScripts

Article Summary

MDScripts has added a Pickups function that allows clinics to manage dispenses that have been filled and are waiting to be picked up by patients or courier services.

Pickups Area

The Pickups Area is  a queue that tracks dispenses that are waiting to be picked up by patients or courier services. Dispenses can be manually added to the queue, or in some scenarios automatically added to the queue when shipments arrive from drop-ship pharmacies. Once a patient arrives to pickup their medications, the items can be marked as picked up and removed from the queue. Medications should be securely stored while waiting to be picked up.

Enabling Pickups

To turn on the Pickups Area, you will need to enable it under Home -> My Site -> Pickup Area.

Adding Dispenses to Pickups Queue

1) After medications are dispensed using the standard process you will see an "Add to Pickups" option under Post Order Processing Options

2) You will be taken to the Pickups Area and shown the dispenses that have been added. You can update any items, or Notify the Patient.

Managing Pickup Queue

You can review and manage the Pickup Queue from the Dispensing menu on the main navigation bar.

From the Queue screen you can perform the following actions:

1) Search by Patient for available medications waiting to be picked up.

2) Notify action sends patient an SMS/Text message notifying them that they have medications ready for pickup.

3) Pickup action to mark the items as picked up by the patient and remove them from the queue.

4) Return, Suspend, and Delete actions are still currently in development and will be released in the near future.